Local Vendors

Local Small Business Vendors serving the Denver Metro Area

Below is a list of Denver Metro Area small business professional service providers that I have built relationships with over the 30 years that I have been doing business here in Denver.  I have personally done business with and/or had other professionals who have and trust their practices and their expertise.  Small business is the key to a healthy economy and healthy relationships. 


Bruce Brandle – 303-791-0310

Appliance Repair

Ron Elliott http://www.academyapplianceservice.com/


Kelly Shafer, Esq. – 303-791-1497

Robert Bernhardt – 303-467-3341

Jon Clarke https://jonbclarke.com/

Construction Lending

Brad Brubaker https://www.berkleybank.com/


Financial Planners

Jason Clark https://www.clarkbrothersinvestments.com/

Garage Doors

Glenn Collins http://deercreekdoor.com/

Home Inspectors

Dave Unroe https://castlerock.wini.com/

Kevin Barcelon Jr. https://www.yelp.com/biz/out-n-out-inspections-littleton

Insurance Agents

Tami Lairamore https://www.allaccessins.com/

Paul Doherty https://www.dohertyinsuranceagencydenver.com/bios/

HVAC Vendors

Ray Beard http://cmheatandcool.com/


Clay Brooks  https://landscapingcompanyinc.com/ 


Eduardo Villigran – 303-901-4942


Jim Miller – JDM Plumbing – 720-595-7544

Property Management

Jordan Strauss https://www.laureateltd.com/

Real Estate Agents

Susan Bradley http://www.thebradleygroupmb.com/

Jan Southcott https://www.metrobrokersonline.com/Real-Estate-Agent/jan-southcott/27316

Matt Miller https://www.laureateltd.com/contact

SEO Services & Website Design

Skyler Malley www.firestarterseo.com

Sewer Service

Mitch Chesbro – 303-910-8669

Title Companies

Title Company of Denver http://tcod.com/

Land Title https://www.ltgc.com/