Debt Consolidation

Beside getting a lower rate on your mortgage loan, consolidating debt is the 2nd most popular reason that most homeowners choose to refinance their home loan.  The advantages created by consolidating debt can be tremendous.  A few include:

  • Improved budget (a.k.a. cash flow).
  • Improved credit scores.
  • Administrative relief (writing fewer payments each month).
  • Stress relief!
  • Improved savings opportunity!

Some of the items that you can consolidate in with your mortgage include:

  • 2nd
  • Credit Cards.
  • Car loans.
  • Student loans.
  • Tax bills/liens.
  • Medical Bills.

The equity that you have stored in your house is often-times under-used in helping re-organize finances.  GIVE US A CALL or FILL OUT OUR CONTACT FORM and we can look at the specifics of how a Debt Consolidation Loan might help you!