No Closing Cost Option

Almost any mortgage company CAN offer you a Limited or No-Closing Cost option.  Unfortunately, most DON’T or WON’T.  The biggest reason that they don’t is because most consumers won’t allow them to…sounds strange, right!  The reason consumers won’t allow them to is because most consumers are so focused on getting a LOW INTEREST RATE that most mortgage companies won’t bother with the explanation that goes into reducing or eliminating closing costs (i.e. they are too lazy or don’t invest in properly training their staff to give the explanation).

Now it needs to be mentioned that we are not talking about ROLLING YOUR COSTS into your loan.  That is you paying them too.  We are talking about reducing or eliminating them completely.  The biggest advantages to using this method are:

  • It reduces your loan amount (how much you are borrowing).
  • It gives you the ability to refinance again and again if rates keep going down without it costing you anything.
  • It frees up your borrowing capability to pay off more debt or borrow money for the purpose you actually need it for.

If and when you do pay closing costs, the investment you make is RARELY going to pay off.  GIVE US A CALL or FILL OUT OUR FORM to allow us to give you a detailed analysis of how this No Closing Cost option might work out for you!