Credit Score Improvement

Did you know that your current credit score is something you’re not stuck with for life? Whether you need credit score improvement because of a period of financial insecurity, or you have poor credit for a range of reasons, we can help. We’re proud to be able to offer both free credit consultations and free credit improvement tools. Get in touch for more information.

Your credit score can count for a lot. It helps you to get lower interest rates, a better down payment deal, and can even help to make the entire home loan process run far smoother. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how crucial their credit score is, or that they can make improvements to it by consulting the experts.

What is a Credit Score and How Can I Improve It?

A credit score is something everyone has but is unique to you. Your credit score is an analysis of all your credit information to determine whether you’re a good person to lend money to. Typically, credit bureaus supply the information based on what they know about your payment history. Home loan lenders, banks, and even credit card companies, all view your credit score to see whether they should lend you money. If you have bad credit, you may find it more difficult to get loans.

However, your credit score can also determine what interest rate, credit limit, and certain perks you can receive. The more glowing your score, the more perks you receive. For example, if you have bad credit, your interest rate is going to be far higher because you are deemed to be a high-risk borrower.

How Can I Get a Credit Score Improvement?

There are many ways you can improve your credit score – some of which you can do yourself, and others we can help you with. If you contact us, we’re more than happy to provide a free consultation to help you get on top of your credit rating. We want to see a credit score improvement just as much as you do.

However, here are a few ways in which you can work at your credit score for a better chance of a beneficial home loan.

  • Set up payment reminders – if you’re forgetful and very rarely pay your bills on time, it’s affecting your credit score. You can rectify the situation by setting up reminders so you will always pay on time
  • Reduce your debt – instead of paying the bare minimum on credit card debt and hire purchases, try your hardest to reduce your debt at a faster rate than expected
  • Keep credit card balances (and limits) low
  • Don’t close credit cards to try to improve your score
  • Don’t set up a lot of new credit accounts in a short period; it can lower your score
  • Request your credit score to see where it’s sitting

If your credit score is still less than ideal – be that through your own doing or no fault of your own – then it’s time to get in touch for credit score improvement. Owning your own home can be a rewarding experience, but your score can put a dampener on both your ability to get a loan and the costs you pay to secure it. If there is a way to improve your score, we will do everything we can to provide you with the answer.