Personal Finance FAQ’s

Would you like to get your loan processed and closed in weeks? …or months?

Would you like to speak to the same person every time you call about your loan? … or a new person who has to begin from scratch each time you call??

Would you like to call a local phone # and talk to a person who speaks your language, and lives in your city? … or a 1-800 # in a far-away place???

Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and Citibank ARE our country’s MEGAbanks. They have grown in size (and profits) by leaps and bounds over the past 10 or 15 years due to lots of political maneuvering and regulatory change. Most average US citizens are completely bored by most of the theory and detail that is associated with banking laws, regulation, and policy and that is exactly WHY is has been so easy for these institutions to manipulate these things to give them the biggest advantage over the world’s population that the world has ever known! Sound extreme? Begin a little light reading and investigation on the topic of the Federal Reserve Bank and the history of banking and money.

Megabank’s manipulation of the political system has allowed them to not only be BAILED OUT (TARP and TALF of 2008 and the Federal Reserve’s QE1, 2 and 3 of 2009-2013) of their irresponsible mistakes and scheming, but it has also allowed them to amass even more power and strength than they had prior to the bailout. BAILING these institutions out has been and WILL BE paid for entirely by us average Americans (who do not participate in high level CORPORATE and POLITICAL positions of influence) and our children. This repayment will come in the form of inevitably higher taxes and inevitably higher prices of goods and services caused by the additional DOLLARS that were printed by our government and the Federal Reserve Bank to execute this bailout (and, in turned, funneled to these manipulators).

The executives and management teams of these banks continue extracting astronomical bonuses in the face of record unemployment rates, bankruptcies and foreclosures that average Americans will continue to deal with. These facts are beginning to resonate with the people of our community more and more. Educating ourselves about the manipulative powers that these Banks have and use is absolutely necessary to the sustained future of our country as a “free country.” Below, I have accumulated a few resources and readings that you might find interesting and helpful in taking these educational steps toward understanding some of the inner-workings of banking and finance in our current environment:

1. “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin
2. “Libertarian Nation” by James Walsh

Without getting TOO big-picture or political or philosophical, I will just ask you if you would rather deal with a company that operates and exist within a local community, run by people that live in that community and whose interest it is to SERVE that community for the benefit of the residents OF that community OR a bank or company whose goal it is to EXTRACT resources and profits FROM a community and funnel those resources and profits to places and people who have nothing to do with that same community? I submit to you that this country’s economic, political and social survival are entirely dependent on a potential RETURN to this philosophy of smaller business operating in more local communities. I think, in addition to these bigger-picture benefits, consumers get more overall value out of dealing with a smaller, local company: not JUST banks or mortgage companies!