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We provide the expertise and personal touch to help you through the process of purchasing a home. We’ll also help you navigate financial concerns such as investment, refinancing, mortgage rates, and home loans with ease. We are proud to be Denver, Colorado’s most thorough and conscientious Mortgage and Finance Consultant.



Seeing a complete overview of the process of anything helps to set expectations and helps with planning for the series of potentially stressful events that come up during the process of moving. This guide will help you minimize complications.

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Organizing your financial life can make a tremendous difference in how your life and your family’s life can look. Working with someone who has 25 years of experience with the benefits of planning will put you in the driver’s seat!

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Home Loan Programs

Being a company that is local helps us in communicating with YOU, your real estate agents and others involved with the process of your loan PLUS it supports the strength of OUR local community.

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An often-times overlooked factor in how efficiently things work is good communication. We welcome frequent and informed conversations and updates. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.

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Searching for a new home in the Denver Metro Area? You’ve come to the right place. Before you can begin shopping, you need to know how you’re going to foot the bill. For many people, their dream home falls a little outside the price range made available by their pocketbook. Of course, this is exactly where working with an experienced mortgage lender comes in handy.

Are you a first-time home buyer? If so, you’re in capable hands. The experienced professionals at 5280lend have the necessary expertise to walk you through the process. At every stage, you’ll be able to trust that you’re in competent hands. We consider it our top priority to make sure that you’re fully informed of all your options, and we’ll ask the questions you might not have thought of.

The process of financing your home can be a tricky one, but we’ve got your back. We can help you negotiate a rate that’s within your budget, so you won’t have to compromise on your dreams. Experience the confidence of working with a mortgage lender who prioritizes your family’s goals.

Perhaps you’re in search of investment property. 5280lend is in touch with today’s real estate market, and we’re intimately familiar with the particular nuances of the Denver Metro Area. We can help you find the best properties to invest in, so you get the most bang for your buck.

Whether you’re purchasing a home for your family or making an investment for your future, the choices is clear—the mortgage lenders at 5280lend are here to help you!


There are a number of reasons you might be interested in refinancing your home. Perhaps an economic strain has created a need to lower your monthly mortgage payments. Maybe the time has come to borrow against the equity in your home to pay for something else for yourself or your family. It could be that you want to pay off your loan sooner to decrease the amount of interest you’ll incur. Whatever your reason for refinancing, 5280lend has seen it before, and we’re here to help.

A home equity loan is a great way to consolidate debt. We can help you transfer high interest debt that may be bogging you down into one easy payment. With all your debt rolled into your newly refinanced home loan, you may find yourself incurring much lower interest rates. You’ll also only have to pay one bill per month, which many people find a tremendous relief. If this sounds appealing to you, a mortgage lender at 5280lend is ready and waiting to get you started!

You may encounter pressure from other lenders to refinance because of lower mortgage rates being available. Although mortgage rates are a reasonable barometer for market conditions, there are a multitude of factors you ought to be considering. We can help make sure that no stone goes unturned in your decision.

Home Loan Programs

First time home buyers can easily find themselves lost and confused in the maze of information and misinformation available to them. The assistance of a dedicated mortgage lender is sure to be a benefit to anyone looking to take out a home loan for the first time.

If this is not your first time seeking a loan, you are no doubt more familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. But even so, the assistance of a committed professional can ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the options available to you—options that might not have existed, or that you might not have qualified for, the last time you purchased a home. 5280lend offers the following:

  • First Time Homebuyer Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Credit Score Improvement

We can acquaint you with any of these options, and we’ll help you explore them thoroughly and determine which is best for you and your family.

Setting out to buy a house can be an intimidating prospect. But with the mortgage lenders at 5280lend at your side, you’ll feel confident and ready. Let’s make your dreams come true!


We are a local company that has been in the Denver and front range Colorado mortgage and real estate community for 18 years.

We can offer guidance and support for buying a new home in the Denver Metro area and front range Colorado.

We will help you obtain the lowest mortgage interest rates available for refinancing your current loan. We provide first time homebuyer information, credit report consultations, down payment option advice. We can advise you on short sales or foreclosure. You will find the customer service and answers you are looking for, and more.
We believe in small business, and support individuals and other companies that believe in supporting our local community. We are an affiliate of Nova Home Loans and are both a mortgage bank and mortgage brokers. This structure gives us the flexibility to provide most kinds of residential real estate loans that are available and it also allows us to deliver them to our clients at wholesale rates and prices.

Our residential mortgage services include

  • Pre-qualification and pre-approval for purchasing a new home.
  • Refinancing consultations to make sure there is a financial benefit.
  • 2nd mortgage products.
  • Home equity loans and line of credit.
  • Also, we have expert knowledge of conventional loans, FHA and VA loans, CHFA loans, USDA Loans, FNMA home path, reverse mortgages, loan modifications and jumbo loans.
  • Educate you accurately about the loan that you are getting because understanding the important terms and conditions of your loan can be confusing.
  • Provide you detailed and accurate information about the costs associated with your financing.
  • Provide you with regular and consistent updates on the progress of your transaction.
  • Offer you access to real estate agents, insurance providers, financial planners and legal professionals that provide proven support.
  • Provide you with an ongoing resource of information for all of your real estate investing and financing needs.


“Ted is awesome. Easy to work with and makes the task of refinancing as easy as possible. He helps you to understand your options and then lets you decide what is the best for you. No pressure, just pure and simple customer service.”


“He is polite in explaining the whole process to us even when things seemed impossible. Good customer service and professionalism.”

Max & Juliet

“I like the direct and open dialogue most of all. The timeliness and prompt response time made working with your team so much easier than other companies.”


“Your ability to simplify & explain complex ideas and to have our best interests in mind. And I love speaking about Noam Chomsky!”