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Melinda K.
Melinda K.
2019-03-12 14:05:38
Ted Wedewer is amazing! He goes out of his way to make sure you have a great lending experience. His down to earth personality, knowledge, experience, and...
Stephanie E.
Stephanie E.
2019-01-18 14:11:45
Highly recommend working with Ted. This was the 3rd home purchase Ted assisted us with and as always his service was flawless. He communicated with us...
L S.
L S.
2017-11-14 14:49:12
Ted was really helpful and super responsive. The entire process was smooth and made my first home buying experience a breeze! Would definitely recommend.

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    Featured Services

    First-time Homebuyers:

    If this is your first house, we are your first choice! We will give you the right advice and connect you with the right tools and people!

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    Debt Consolidation:

    We are expert at financial analysis and structuring ways to RELEIVE STRESS and get you on a good plan that will IMPROVE YOUR BUDGET!

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    Credit Improvement:

    Because life happens, we ocasionally need to work on increasing your Credit Scores before we can proceed with financing. We offer complete Credit Improvement Services and we can usually do this at NO CHARGE to you!

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    On-Call Service:

    Rarely does Buying a Home happen between 8-5 o’clock Monday thru Friday. Knowing this and knowing that financial questions can be stressful and urgent, we make ourselves available most of the time that you need answers to your questions.

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    We will be your Home Buying Tour Guide!  This process can be a bit overwhelming on your own, so having an expert to navigate can be huge!

    We will help with:
    • How much you qualify for
    • Rates, Payments, Down Payment, Closing Costs
    • Timelines and Steps to take
    • Other things to Expect


    Understand Refinancing

    Many mortgage customers who refinance their home do it with very little benefit or actually take a step backward from where they started. There are many ways to structure financing and, again, having an expert help you navigate these options will certainly give you and sense of comfort.

    • Looking at your current situation.
    • Considering your goals.
    • Looking at available solutions.
    • Determining the advantages and disadvantages.
    • Rates, Payments, Closing Costs, Qualification
    • Timelines and What to Expect.

    Our Mission

    To help you achieve your Homeownership, Home Financing, Debt Management, or Personal Finance goals.

    Listening to our clients and truly understanding their issues, and then taking great care in finding a responsible and valuable solution is the course we commit to take.